Integrity SPA for IBM BigFix

Security Patches and Applications Automation for IBM BigFix!

The BigFix Patch module, combined with the new "WebUI" web console, provides a semi-automated patch deployment capabilities.

Although the patch automation capability is available, it lacks the desired granularity and flexibility in terms of which types of patches to include and the ability to separate between OS and third-party patches and more.

To resolve those issues, we developed an extension which provides the much needed granularity and a complete automated patch cycle for Microsoft's operating systems and third-party applications provided by the BigFix platform.
Integrity SPA (Software Patch Automation) suite harness the BigFix REST API to deliver complete patch automation mechanism which lower the common mistakes of BigFix operators and saves valuable time and money.

Main advantages:

  • Automated baseline creation (Fully configured - ready to deploy)
  • Automated action creation:
    • Action start and end times
    • Days of deployment
    • OS and Third-party patch separation
  • Control patch sources (Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe)
  • Control patch severity (Critical, Important, Moderate and Low)
  • Group targeting or Operating system targeting
  • A management console for configuring the patch deployment and automation service settings

Management Console:

Automation Service:

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